Ind e-Pen XL: Drafting Roughly

The Ind e-Pen

And as of this week we are exactly three-quarters of the way through with the year. Yey, everybody!

I couldn’t have done it without you! That’s right. I couldn’t have grown older without you… you

youth-stealing sociopaths. Grr. I’m going to go eat some cereal and listen to NPR for a while now.

Draft, draft, draft
So it turns out there might soon be a draft. Soon is subjective, of course. Because there won’t,

coincidentally, be a vote on it until after election day. You’ve gotta love congress.
The bill is called HR 163 in the House and S 89 IS in the senate, but don’t bother looking it up as

that. Though every other bill can be found by its number, for some reason you have to enter the entire

title of the bill in the Senate’s search engine to find it ( the Universal National

Service Act.
I have a copy of the bill, but instead of summing it up, I’ll let Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA) do it

for me: “This bill requires all young Americans – men and women between 18 and 26 – to perform a two

year period of national service in a military or civilian capacity as determined by the President. For

those who conscientiously object to war, the bill assures that any military service would not include

combat. Otherwise, there would be no preferences, no deferments, no chance for the well-off or the well-

connected to dodge military service for their country, as did our President.”
Strong words there for a guy who supports an act that will force all college-age Americans to do all

of the work. Notice how the age limit for being a senator is 30 and for being a representative is 25?
Anyway, I’ve been unable to find any soon to be elected officials that have any position (either way)

on the draft. It seems as if everyone is staying away from it on purpose. Hmm… now why would anyone

do that?
More later.

15 Topics I cannot cover because of impending reader mutiny:
The cereal wars I have with my mother while shopping
My poetry (“rub-a-dub dub…”)
common household objects
My unhealthy sexual attraction to common household objects (esp. when it’s not my house)
My secret wish that Nelly would do a song with Nelly Furtado.
Ethical Dilemmas and Paradoxes in extremely relatable situations
How I’m hoping I can get addicted to the game of Risk again.
That NMSU’s college paper, the Round Up ( has consistently gone over its budget the

past three years. This year by $48,307.20
How readers are the laziest mutiniers of all time
How Butt has always and will always be wrong about everything in life
How good it feels to be a gangsta
How I hate writing Top 15 lists

A Small Quiz:

Congratulations to Butt. I thought I was almost through with sending you free issues, but then you

answered again. Screw you, Butt. Screw you in the orifice of your choice, Butt.

This Week:

1: Are you FOR or AGAINST being drafted? (This only applies if you or someone you know is going to be

between 18 and 26 and planning on living in the United States until the end of ‘terror’)
2: If you were a gangsta, how would it feel?
3: Are you feeling mutinous?

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11 Responses to Ind e-Pen XL: Drafting Roughly

  1. Mr. Miguel says:

    that’s scary about the draft…but i could always register as a coward. i mean conscientious objector. no, i mean coward.
    1. i plan on dodging the draft while lying on the sunny beaches of mazatlan. now where’s my birth of certificate that says i was born in juarez?
    2. damn it feels good to be a gansta, and i wanna kick the crap out of a copy machine
    3. mutiny is the new black

  2. butt says:

    HAHAHA…..Butt wins again! Get used to it people.

    1: I am impartial to the draft. If drafted then I’d go. I’d be a little scared but so be it.
    2: Like a mushroom cloud laying mother fucker.
    3: Only againts your emails.


  3. T-Rob says:

    1. I don’t agree with the draft. We don’t need it. I mean, if we were being invaded by some country like Russia. Yeah, I would fight for my country. But I would never go to another country to help some spoiled president kick the ass of the man that owned on my father. I’d shoot myself in the foot to avoid going over.

    2. I would act white yo, because ya’ll know I act black as a white man. Shit yo, I already have a kick ass name. T-Rob, that’s soooooo gangsta!

    3 “Don’t question authority, they don’t know either.”

  4. Liquid Fox says:

    1 if I got drafted, I would go. However, upon my returned, I would personal make it my life to kill everyone who was responsible for the implementing my departure.
    2 could I still kill?
    3 yes

  5. Mad Hatter says:

    1: Are you FOR or AGAINST being drafted? (This only applies if you or someone you know is going to be between 18 and 26 and planning on living in the United States until the end of ‘terror’)
    Completely against it as far as the army goes, but artisticly, it is the only way to get a good finish.

    2: If you were a gangsta, how would it feel?

    3: Are you feeling mutinous?
    I’ve never been a mutant in all my life. What have they told you? :::suspicious smirk:::

  6. Jessy Salinas says:

    1.Hell No I’m not for the fucking draft. Fuck that. NONONONONONONO. I’n not going anywhere!
    2.If you want to know about being a gangsta I’ll tell you some things. There was this time when i was in the seventh grade and i was in a drive by. Crazy huh?
    3.yea I think so.

  7. Jessy Salinas says:

    Who is this crazy fool Butt and why do you always talk smack about him?


  8. butt says:


    I am Butt. Any questions?


  9. Kris Kiehne says:

    You little psycho. 😉

  10. releasedchild says:

    that crazy fool butt:

  11. butt says:

    hahah simply amazing

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