I H8 Memes

If you hate memes too, you should put this in your signature, profile, blog, e-mail, website, title, correspondence, and legal name.

Everyone should put this in their legal name.

About Pixel

Pixel Q. Styx refuses to talk about himself. If thou wishest, thou may infer from his blog what thou wishest.
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5 Responses to I H8 Memes

  1. Pixel says:

    I have kissed someone:
    (x)on the cheek.
    (x)on the lips.
    (x)on their hands or fingers.
    ( )in my room.
    ( )in their room.
    ( )of the same sex.
    (x)of the opposite sex.
    (x)younger than me.
    (x)older than me.
    ( )with jet black hair.
    (x)with curly hair.
    (x)with blonde hair & blue eyes.
    ( )with flaming red hair.
    (x)with straight hair.
    (x)smaller/shorter than me.
    ( )bigger/taller than me.
    ( )with a lip ring.
    (x)who was drunk.
    ( )who was high.
    ( )who I had just met.
    (x)who was homosexual.
    (x)who I didn’t really want to kiss.
    ( )on a holiday.
    (x)who was going out with someone else.
    (x)who was going out with someone close to me.
    ( )who was my brothers/sisters good friend.
    ( )who had been/is in jail.
    ( )in a graveyard.
    ( )at a show/concert.
    ( )at the beach.
    (*)in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water
    (*)who was legally too young/old for me
    (x)with dyed hair.
    (x)with a shaved head.
    (x)who was/is my good friend.
    ( )who was/is in a band.
    (x)who has (a) tattoos
    (x)who is of a completely different race than me.
    ( )in the rain.
    ( )in another continent besides where I was born.
    ( )with an accent.
    ( )on a boat.
    (x)in a car/taxi/bus.
    ( )on a plane.
    ( )at the carnival.
    ( )with a missing body part.
    ( )in the movies.
    ( )in class

    *almost, baby, almost…

  2. Pixel says:

    Shallow? Girlfriend Application.

    Really just send me info- anyone that doesn’t have a penis is eligible. Use the message system if you’re not my friend. Or answer the following question’s (or ones you feel comfy with). Nothing will really count ‘against’ you, but knowing helps.

    1. Name, Age, Height, Location

    2. Religion, Politics, Music

    3. Tattoos/Piercings

    4. Drinking/Smoking/Other Drugs

    5. How do you feel about sex?

    6. Job?

    7. What do you think are your best qualities (feel free to go all salesperson here)

    8. If you know me, mine?

    9. My worst?

    10. Put anything you feel is missing.

  3. Pixel says:

    Lookie another survey!

    Stole this from Reva (well, actually Brian) and dont like chain thingies but had to.

    01: when and how did we meet:

    02: how long have we been friends:

    03: how well do you know me:

    04: What was your first impression?:

    05: do you still think that way about me now:

    06: tell about one memory we share together:

    07: if we could spend a day together what would we do:

    08: name one thing you really don’t like about me:

    09: name one thing you really do like about me:

    10. if you could give me anything what would it be:

    11: have we ever gotten in a fight & about what:

    12: have we ever hugged:

    13: have we ever danced with each other:

    14: have you ever seen me cry:

    15: have i ever offended you:

    16: what do i say all the timewhats my catch phrase:

    17: do you think we will be friends in 5 years:

    18: do you think i am bitchy:

    19: has there been anything you wanted to tell me, but didn’t:

    20: what advice would you give me, in general:

    21: is there a song that reminds you of me:

    22: Who are you?:

    23: Are we friends?:

    24: Do you have a crush on me?:

    25: Would you kiss me?:

    26: Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it:

    27: Describe me in one word:

    28: What reminds you of me?:

    29: If you could give me anything what would it be?:

    30: When’s the last time you saw me?:

    31: Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?:

    32: are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you:

  4. Pixel says:

    My shirt says….
    Paris- my shirt reads- VAGINA WARRIOR…until the violence stops vday.org

    SS- BROOKLYN MOTORCLUB “SINCE 1972” Van Dyke Ave, Brooklyn NY.
    with harley wings in the center. long sleeve….damn I look good today lol

    Jen*evi* – Got Milk?

    Voodoo Garage(Timm) – its actually a very short run VG tshirt that I am thinking about reprinting for the public it says “Zombies are dead Fucks” lol you know you want this shirt! hahaha

    Kacie K – THE CHUPACABRA!! isn’t that the most perfect thing!?

    Chelsea- Hot Water Music logooooo… and on the back… “Spreading the gospel of rock n roll since 1994”

    TOMMY! – one of those gay, grey tourist shirts, “San Fransico” on top, “California” under it with smaller font. The USA flag . and “USA” under the flag. It was 2 bux at the thrift, why not right, plus ive been there before. Deal with it.

    Lori- Just got outta tha shower… Don’t have a shirt on. Ooh lala

    -Nick- ~ Nothing but sweat, just got through working out… m/

    Kelli/ladyworeblack156– it says “witches are hexy!”

    Daniel “Dark Angel” ~ Lucky 13 Kustom Jinxed

    Leigh~Pantera and a picture of the band

    Devil Grrl – Mine says I Heart Italian Boys!!

    Freakwhore: Barbi is a slut!!

    Chris~ It has a picture of a trailer (mobile home) and it says “There’s No Place Like Home!!”

    Kari Ash ~ piercings hurt (thanks staci)

    ~*Donna*~ it’s just a little black number that laces up in the front,nothing on it but me,but I did wear a Spiders and Snakes t-shirt to bed last night if that counts.

    Megadethoholic – my John Lennon shirt… havent worn it in a while 🙂

    kit atemus- a native american warrior in winter, on a horse. that is what is on my shirt.

    cactrotman- I am bold enough to walk around with no shirt, but at work I will wear my work clothes…

    Christ – plain black tshirt.

    Fetisha~ Leopard Print

    Here’s a story for the kids…- lol mine says “i put out on the first date”.

    tommythegun – “fuck me, I’m white trash”

    Skelos ~ “Mentally Tough”, fuck duh bitches.

    DIGIX- abandon all hope

    Brian D: Conflict: the ungovernable force

    Pixel Q: San Luis Potosi: Mexico… I’m not big into the wordy shirts.

  5. Pixel says:

    I have…

    (X) snuck out of the house
    (X) gotten lost in your city
    (X) seen a shooting star
    (X) been to any other countries besides the united states
    ( ) had a serious surgery
    (X) gone out in public in your pajamas
    ( ) kissed a stranger
    (X) hugged a stranger
    ( ) been in a fist fight- yeh she started it with a 2×4
    (X) been arrested- close though.
    ( ) laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose
    (X) pushed all the buttons on an elevator
    (X) swore at your parents
    ( ) been in love
    (x) been close to love
    (X) been to a casino
    ( ) been skydiving-
    ( ) broken a bone
    ( ) been high
    (X) skinny-dipped
    (X) skipped school
    ( ) flashed someone
    ( ) seen a therapist
    ( ) done the splits
    ( ) played spin the bottle
    ( ) gotten stitches
    (X) drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
    (X) bitten someone
    ( ) been to Niagara Falls
    (X) gotten the chicken pox
    (X) kissed a member of the opposite sex
    ( ) kissed a member of the same sex
    ( ) crashed into a friend’s car
    ( ) been to Japan
    (X) ridden in a taxi
    (X) been dumped
    (X) shoplifted
    (X) been fired
    ( ) had a crush on someone of the same sex
    (XXXX) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
    ( ) gone on a blind date
    (X) lied to a friend
    (X) had a crush on a teacher
    ( ) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
    ( ) been to Europe
    ( ) slept with a co-worker
    (X) been married
    ( ) gotten divorced
    ( ) had children
    ( ) seen someone die
    ( ) had a close friend die
    ( ) been to Africa
    (XXX)Driven over 400 miles in one day
    ( ) Been to Canada
    (X)Been to Mexico
    (X) Been on a plane
    ( ) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
    ( ) Thrown up in a bar
    ( ) Purposely set a part of myself on fire
    (X) Eaten Sushi
    ( ) Been skiing/snowboarding
    (X) Met someone in person from the internet
    ( ) lost a child
    (X) gone to college
    ( ) graduated college
    ( ) done hard drugs
    ( ) tried killing yourself
    ( ) fired a gun
    (X) purposely hurt yourself
    (X) taken painkillers
    (X)-love someone or miss someone right now-

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