When the Jazzman Testifies…

… Am I the only one who has ever cried at the Simpsons?

Also, check out this crazy ass quote:

“People who have worked in and lived near tanneries are dying of cancer caused by exposure to toxic chemicals used to process and dye the leather. A New York State Department of Health study found that more than half of all testicular cancer victims work in tanneries.”

Or this one:

“Leather is also no friend of the environment. Leather products are loaded with chemical preservatives to keep them from decomposing in the buyer’s closet, and leather production pollutes the environment and gobbles up precious resources.”

The very fact that this site needs to exist saddens me. Of course, the fact that this site exists does serve to redeem the planet.. if only in that it made me laugh.

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One Response to When the Jazzman Testifies…

  1. moof says:

    the world makes me sad… 🙁

    and I’ve cried at the Simpsons! aww jazzman..

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