Notes to Success

The following is, word for word, the notes that I had for my Pro-PATRIOT Act presentation in which I handed my opponents their bums on a platter:

constitution is a living document
under attack, countries withdraw
C Library records avail. BEFORE PATRIOT Act.


5R What are civil liberties, privacy, rights?
2C The gov’t knew about 9/11, but didn’t put (9/11 comission) it together because the PATRIOT Act was gone
2R Everyone abuses their authority. You don’t throw away the tree because the apple was bad.
3R They are providing a vivid horror story. If it’s true, we should be scared. Right? Wrong. This is a fallacy. By vividly describing one side, they make it seem more common. It’s not.
4R The PATRIOT Act targets terrorists, not civilians, Thinking it could target you is at best conceited, at worst paranoid.
1R When was the PATRIOT Act supposed to be passed? A year later? Isn’t it enough that no attacks have happened?
C Life is most important right.The R stands for Rebuttal, the C for Conclusion, the numbers are the order I planned on presenting that part of the argument.
Interestingly enough, using these shoddy notes, absolutely no studying or research, staying calm, and listening to their side to use my philosophic training against, I was able to completely dominate the debate and score a 19.4 our of 20.

See the comments people had:

Good Job! (20/20)
Used too much emotion without enough facts in rebuttal. Good common sense reasoning but needed more factual reasoning. Overall good job. (18/20)
Good job over all =) I like how you went through every argument they made and answered it piece by piece, it proved you did your reserach. good closing! I like how you pointed out how they couldn’t answer your questions. (20/20)
Very strong arguments. I disagree with them, but it definatly Made me consider the other side. Very Good!! (20/20)
Way to keep cool! It was a tough topic. (20/20)
–sorry Im confused today Great closing – intresting question in Rebuttal (19/20)
calm & informative. Good Job! I wouldn’t “come back” if you punched me, I’d knock the ____ out of you! 🙂 Good Job! (19/20)
Carlos always has such great commentary (19/20)

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