Let’s make a dead philosopher cry

While doing research (clicking links) for my previous post, I ran across several pictures of René Descartes and laughed my ass off. I know, I know, I’m not one to talk, but still.

In any case, since nothing I write can make me laugh as much as Descartes’ face, here we go.

David Hume

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Immanuel Kant

John Stuart Mill

Karl Marx

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

Friedrich Nietzsche

René Descartes

Bertrand Russell

Ha ha. Okay, now if you can find a picture of a dead white man that’s funnier than Hegel or Leibniz (or Russell, ha ha!), you get a secret, forbidden prize of mystery.

Fair enough? Go!

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5 Responses to Let’s make a dead philosopher cry

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  2. Bennito Enrico

    Doust Curtis

    Maurice Dirac

    I had a great picture of newton, but lost it.

    E=MC^2 Himself


    Edward Jenner (not funny face, but a funny pic)

    I managed to make it all the way to Jenner Before giving up.

  3. Gabe the Beaver says:

    Pixel, Seth, and most definitely Eggo, you all have slightly too much time on your hands.


    Gabe’s back with a brand new bag.

    I have a new job now, which means “piss off Pix Capacitor, it’s Gabe Time!”

    (oh, and can you mail my last pay check to my home office? Thanks.)

  4. I Am says:

    Now I’ve got the damn Monty Python philosopher song stuck in my head. There goes the weekend…

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