Living in the When

Pop philosophy: Carpe diem.
Pix philosophy: I’m living in the When.

I realized something the other day. I’m in friggin’ Australia! I am literally on the other side of the planet. WTF?

I’m going to be telling stories about this time in my life and about the people that I met while I was here for years to come. Years and years from now I’m going to say, “When I was in Australia,” and “I remember when my mates found out I wasn’t in the class I’d been showing up for all semester.”

This is my time. This is my When.

The people I see here and now will never be this close to each other again. I might see Angela or Adriano or Anson again, but not within the same day. Never again.

Less than 50 days from now I’ll not see my [label missing]s again. At least not for a while. At least not until I earn enough to afford a plane ticket. And who knows what the future will bring?

I barely know what the present brings.

But hell. Enough of this whinging on you all. I’ve got an article to force Gabe to write and a courtesy bus to catch. I don’t want to spend my When talking about how I’m going to remember and miss it.

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3 Responses to Living in the When

  1. Pixel says:

    p.s. Psst! This is your When too!

  2. Breakerslion says:

    Like the corny old song says, “These are the good old days.”

  3. Seth says:

    I miss Australia.

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