The [label missing] Post Ever!

I’ve decided to stop labeling my friends. The labels were meant to be general guidelines in the first place. They weren’t supposed to be the be-all and end-all of friendship. It shouldn’t have been the case that I try to fit everyone into a label, but I started doing it and I’m sorry.

Indeed, I’m through labeling anything and everything. No more of this ‘I wonder how he/she/it feels/thinks about me/us/them.’ I should have left that in Middle School, but I didn’t. Indeed, I’m afraid too many of us carry the Middle School immaturity well into the real world.
(no offense to anybody reading this who might still be in Middle School. Though, realistically, you probably know more about what I’m talking about than anybody else.)

So labeling will cease starting now. If I find myself doing it, I’ll slap myself.

My [label missing] Adriano said that doing this might lead to confusion and might make me do less. After all, if we’re not certain where we stand, how do we stand for ourselves?
Better yet, “We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.” -Ambrose Bierce.

The fact that [lm] Adriano has a point makes me sad. Not sad enough to start labeling again, but still. Why must my life and the relationships I have with people fit into silly little human-invented labels when nothing I have ever lived suggests this?

Why must yours?

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  1. Stoned in San Francisco says:

    Dear Pix,

    Gabe’s blog is not allowing comments.

    Dear Gabe,

    My brother is an anti-conformist, but such to the point that he aggravates poeople and makes things hard on everyone, especially himself. Can you supply any advice to him on ‘bending like the grass’ vs. ‘falling like the oak.’

    S’ed n’ F’ed

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