I, Rule

Welcome to Sim Pixelonia.

Pixelonia is a rich country with a steady tax of 10% of all goods and services (sans food and government sponsored shelter). There is no income tax.

Crime in Pixelonia is at an all time low in the world, as Pixel’s new policies have five possible sentences to any crime:

  1. Sterilization.
  2. Deportation (usually with mandatory sterilization).
  3. Community service (some crimes carry a lifetime sentence of community service).
  4. Jail time (if community service and deportation are not viable)
  5. Fines.

Pixelonia also has completely free health care (sans most cosmetic surgery), free legal aid (indeed, law is not a paying profession), and free education up until your first master’s degree.

Education in Pixelonia follows the twelve year lesson plan seen here and instructors are paid well and also forced to take one extra free university class per year.

After graduation, all citizens are forced to serve two years of public service (including everything from litter collection to charity work to armed forces). During these two years, they are provided with a small per diem, free housing, and free career counseling.

Politicians are paid minimum wage and not allowed to advertise for upcoming elections outside of the set debates and public advertising budget. Thus, they have no incentive to pass legislation that is not in their constituents’ best interests.

The true beauty of Pixelonia, however, lies in the citizenship test. To become a citizen, you must successfully pass an intelligence test, a psychological test, a background check, and a set of interviews, intraviews, and outerviews. Children born in Pixelonia are de facto citizens until their community service expires, after which they must pass a psychological test and an interview to maintain citizenship.

The goal of Pixelonia is to be a home to all those that the rest of the world overrules with their purposeful ignorance.

Update: to go along with Ex_cal’s criticism, in Pixelonia, it is against the law to be Jewish 😛

About Pixel

Pixel Q. Styx refuses to talk about himself. If thou wishest, thou may infer from his blog what thou wishest.
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2 Responses to I, Rule

  1. Ex_cal says:

    I would request that you QUANTIFY that statement, as I’m far from anti-semitic you bastard! 😛

  2. moof says:

    BRILLIANT world…

    I vote that no one be allowed to possess anything, especially not land. Property will be unspokenly owned, not legally, and if a neighbour does something to hurt his lot or pollute or something, the whole community has a right to kick him off that land unless he cleans up his act (I use “he” form ‘cos english is limited and I don’t feel like using and/or or he/she).

    And every front lawn will have fruit trees and produce of sorts so no one will go hungry. And there will be five day work weeks, with one day a week being illegal to do work of any sort, unless it’s something crucial like medical services and things like that.

    And there will be no reliance on purely gas powered vehicles, since they are no longer necessary as we have the technology to have hybrids and electric vehicles… and every time a new technology arises that will improve the world, it will be made law.

    Ooo I can ramble forever about utopian ideals…

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