Road tripping

So I’ve been planning a cross-country trip since October. I have about a dozen people in the Northeast United States that I want to see again before everyone decides they have ‘lives’ and moves all around the world.

Here is my trip as it now stands.

Surfing is the only life

March 7: Pick up my road trip friend from airport.

March 8, 9: Last two days of work at the Las Cruces Bulletin/going across the border to Juárez in order to say we’ve been to México.

March 10: Side trip to Carlsbad Caverns or White Sands in order to be able to say we’ve been to New Mexico.

March 11: Six hour trip to San Angelo, Texas to spend the night at ex coworker’s apartment. Odds of awkwardness ? that of a sincere, wholesome heart-to-heart conversation about life, the universe and everything.

March 12, 13: Traveling through the old south. Possible side trip to New Orleans in order to gloat/visit friend’s great aunt. Chances of survival: dismal.

March 13, 14: Arrive in Carolinas. Choice of staying the night at my brother’s house or my friend’s roommate’s brother’s ex-brother-in-law’s house. Odds of my brother seeing me just before his March 18th birthday: slight.

March 14, 15: Virginia and Pennsylvania.

March 16: Niagara Falls with possible side trip to Toronto.

March 17 – Late April: Slow and gradual starvation as I realize I have no place to live and the people I’ve gone to visit are tired of me.

May: Back to NM for a friend’s graduation.

June – December: I don’t know yet. Make me an offer… 🙂

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