Road tripping along

My miniature road trip (I say miniature because it’s nothing compared to the roadtrip my friend Adriano is on as we speak) is nearing its apex. Today I travel to New Jersey to visit my old housemate Jess Levy.

Jess is the avatar of Greek goddess Aphrodite. If there was ever anybody who I thought was perfect, it’s Jess. (Note: this does not include Sarah Stoltzfus or Jean-Paul Vessel, who are Athena and Apollo incarnate respectively. You don’t know them, but you should. They rule.)

I’ve not seen Jess in nearly 18 months and she’s apparently developed a New Jersey accent in that time. My old roommate Trumpet Rob says it was always there, but it seems implausible that I would not notice something so basic.

Hey, I just realized: I didn’t wear any pants to the post office today.

Map This!

Note: usually I just upload the whole image onto the front page, but you’ll need to zoom in to make any sense of the namedropping I do on this map (I don’t want to ruin it, but Dave Chappelle is mentioned), so there’s no sense doing that here.

Note 2: This is just an update, the final post will detail everything and explain just who all the people we stayed with are and all of my journeys.

Note 3: Today I leave my roadtripping buddy Sandy. I am sad. But we will trip again, this much is certain. She’s too awesome not to go elsewhere with.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    1) Come back to Australia. And bring the goddess with you.

    2) Say hi to Jess multiple times from me and anna.



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