Rejected Film Taglines

2. My grandfather was a bracero. I never think about this, but it’s true. Craziness.

Reasons why I’m not in marketing:

  • He didn’t believe in Antler Ninjas: Ninjas with antlers for hands… He was DEAD Wrong.
  • A family comedy you’ll all fucking enjoy
  • Just when you thought it was all over
  • He didn’t get even: he got odd.
  • You’ll cry until you puke with laughter
  • That’s right, we made another one
  • So many special effects, you’ll wonder where the plot went
  • From the people that made Battlefield Earth, Jason X, and Epic Movie comes another cinematic masterpiece
  • Who ever knew drugs could cause problems for other people?
  • This chick movie has a guy picture-in-picture of porn!
  • You’ll never want to touch a Bounty paper towel again…
  • This movie is ZOMFG!!!
  • Their love was forbidden: by law.

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3 Responses to Rejected Film Taglines

  1. Deutlich says:

    You are quite peculiar. I like it.

  2. Ashley says:

    I think the last one’s my favorite.

  3. Um...Yum! says:

    “He didn’t get even: he got odd.”

    I really like that one. I’d totally watch that movie.

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