96.  I cannot imagine the future, at all.  I can’t even think of myself in two weeks: my mind just goes blank.  This has been going on since I turned 21 and realized I was probably going to become an adult after all.  I’d say that I would eventually write a post to talk about this, but I just can’t imagine that post ever actually being written.

It turns out that I’m not going to get my first disbursement check until September 30, which means that I will be very, very broke until then.  This means I’m not going to be able to get gold rims for my car.  I’m also not going to be able to buy the new shoes or school books I desperately need.  But I have bigger things to worry about..

I'll eventually sell these on eBay

Knowing that classes start in just a few days and I’m going to have a lot of work ahead of me, I considered reading ahead in all of my classes, just so that I could show up and not make a fool of myself.  Instead, I decided to make shoes entirely out of duct tape.  Here they are.  They’re ridiculously comfortable, because they’re designed after my own feet (with four pairs of socks).  So far I’ve had to modify them a few times to make them easier to put on and stronger in the soles.

Yes: I am that awesome.

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Pixel Q. Styx refuses to talk about himself. If thou wishest, thou may infer from his blog what thou wishest.
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6 Responses to Quact

  1. courtney says:

    all i have to say is that yes, you definitely still belong in college.


  2. Kori says:

    I wish I was even half as handy as you are. Love the shoes. I have some awesome camo duct tape, and I might do this tonight instead of making dinner.

  3. breakerslion says:

    Hmmm. Some old sandals or treads from Keds and a little RTV silicone and you might have something there.

  4. moof says:


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