I’m in your blog, upping your postcount

‘Tis I, once more, that loveable rascal who hijacks the blog of a friend who’s on the other side of the world (in other words, unable to stop me in doing so) for my own malicious purposes.

Well, not ‘malicious’, more mischevious.

Previously I did so under guise of community spirit (wishing to make this blog accomplish the ‘one post a day for a month’ thing in November), but now it’s just out of my own selfish drives.

You see children, I have a goal in life. It’s nothing to do with money, fame or success, it is a single, simple goal. I wish to start a ‘thing’. You know what I’m talking about, a ‘thing’. Just something everyone has heard about through people. It will be my ‘thing’, and so I will be able to, looking back on my youth in my grand old days of 40+, be able to say “I started that.”


However, starting a ‘thing’ ain’t easy. And so I decided I needed to follow the Monkey-typewriter theory. I tried getting ‘Champion Effort’ used as a saying (a small group of people I know have taken this up), I even attempted to get ‘STATION!’ (from Bill and Ted 2) adopted. But now I believe I have my ‘thing’, and so I must stretch it out.


Some of you may have heard of this being used before, but now I wish to stretch it out into the general community. Ladies and gentlemen:

I wish to turn -gasm into a suffix. As I explain on my blog (linked somewhere. Nerdgasm-unlimited), there are no limits to the number of -gasms that can be created. And it doesn’t need sexual connotations, it just needs to refer to enormous enjoyment. So, I request, nay, DEMAND you undertake this most important of quests. Ladies and gents, you are to spread the -gasm. Here are some examples.


Nerdgasm (enormous enjoyment from nerdy things)

Horgasm (enormous enjoyment you pay for)

Monogasm (enormous enjoyment by yourself)

Shaudenfraugasm (enormous enjoyment at someone else’s bad fortune)

Teargasm (enormous enjoyment and sadness at something at the same time)

Alcogasm (enormous enjoyment at a particular alcoholic drink)

Friendgasm (regular enormous enjoyment in the company of a particular individual)


And so, your quest begins. Spread the -gasm. Let this be a ‘thing’ that rivals even the GAME* in it’s awesomeness.


 * You just lost it
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