Stupid things you can do after a break up

I.  Go back to her

  1. Beg
  2. Plead
  3. Negotiate
  4. Claim to just want to “talk”
  5. Pretend that you just really want to go back to being her friend

II.  Confrontation

  1. With her
    a.  In public
    b.  In private
    c.  Out of nowhere (avoid for stalkerish reasons)
  2. With some guy (violence optional)
    a.  In public
    b.  In private
    c.  Out of nowhere (he doesn’t see it coming)
  3. Social Revenge
    a.  Steal friends or turn her friends against her
    b.  Tell everyone everything so that even if they don’t turn away, relationships will never be the same

III.  Rebound

  1. Confess your love for an ex-girlfriend
  2. Date/Hook up with a friend
  3. Hook up with a stranger

IV.  Self-Destructive Behavior

  1. Drugs
  2. Alcohol
  3. Self-mutilation/Suicide attempts
  4. Throw yourself unhealthily into work/hobbies

V.  Stupid Lifestyle Changes

  1. Quit your job
  2. Send angry e-mails/letters
  3. Move away
  4. Sell things/give things away

What defines a “Stupid” thing? A Stupid thing is one such that you do it in order to alleviate temporary emotional pain, but that causes negative, long-term effects.

After a breakup, all five categories seem desireable, and you’ll at least choose to follow one of them, but you should not.  At least that’s what I think.  And if you think I’m dwelling on this stuff too much, wait until I upload the next podcast.  This and previous posts will make much more sense then.

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