The Sarah Project

My good friend Sarah is leaving the country for two years. This is sad for a lot of us, as she is a good friend. It’s hard to be away from a person that is a social bedrock and a personal confidant. It’s doubly bad for her as she’s going to be away from far more people than silly ol’ me.

But worse is the possibility of missing two years of their lives. It’s one thing to delay enjoying someone’s misadventures, it’s quite another to miss out on many of them altogether.

So I came up with a solution.  Every week, I will film a somewhat social section of my life for at least one minute. At the end of these two years, I will edit all of the minutes together into a 104 minute long movie and present it to her as a gift. It’s my hope that this movie will capture the changing lives of Sarah’s friends so that she’ll be able to see them winge about work, school, and brag about their new houses and children.

I’m also hoping this will illuminate a little bit of my own life in the process.

You should join me. 🙂

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Pixel Q. Styx refuses to talk about himself. If thou wishest, thou may infer from his blog what thou wishest.
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