DOSE, the Designated Drinking Game

Five years ago, I wrote a post and made an illustration for it. I was fairly proud of that illustration, even though it was purposefully made to look like a Crazy 8s knock off game from the 1980s.

Well, jump to October 2013 and now I’ve turned that illustration into a game of its own. We’ve been playing it for six months and it’s awesome. Seriously. I’ve never been more proud of something I’ve been a part of. Head over to Kickstarter and donate. If you comment here and donate there, I’ll up your reward level to whatever the next tier is. 🙂 But shh! This is a game where you can literally play the man card. Or the gay card… or the race card… or the woman card… or the V card…


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Pixel Q. Styx refuses to talk about himself. If thou wishest, thou may infer from his blog what thou wishest.
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