Life Block

I am really good at starting projects. Insanely good. I will have lots of awesome ideas and go super far with them in the first week. I tell people, “you could make a fortune by following me around and finishing the last 10 percent of any thing I do.”

I don’t know why it is. I guess I like the feeling of possibility and hate the feeling of seeing something turn out less interesting/important than I intended it to be. I have writer’s block for life. Let’s consider some things that I have managed to finish, thus far in my lifetime:

Finished Projects (in life):

  • High school.
  • College.
  • Making several fun t-shirts to wear on the regular.
  • Dose, the card game. So many people told me they were incredibly proud that I finished this.

Now compare this list to my current list of unfinished projects:

Current Unfinished Projects:

  • Zero, the card game. I have full design work done, but the game play is still wonky, we need a bit more art. We also need to consider some changes to card names and go through the whole Kickstarting process again. (Argh)
  • Universal Biology, the dissertation. I have a job, I have a draft of my dissertation written, and I have a committee. Literally all I need to do is make a final pass through the dissertation, send it out, and schedule a defense date. But I haven’t yet done that. And I. don’t. know. why.
  • Several papers. Including one about cultural evolution, one about robustness in evolution, one about evolutionary modeling, one about what Darwin got wrong, a book review, and one about universal biology in an astrobiological setting. Also, rewriting my major paper that just got rejected (again).
  • Moving. Moving is hard.
  • Several things with respect to starting, ending, or maintaining relationships. *sigh* Life is hard.
  • My nabµf project. I was initially supposed to finish it when I turned 25. It was to be a series of 250 semi-autobiographical microfiction stories in which I died at the end. Who knows where that went.
  • My novel. I have a punchline and a silly idea. Plus some 40 pages. Sad.
  • My screenplay. I have a draft of a screenplay treatment, but not much in the way of doing anything with it.
  • My hourly comics. I am now two years behind on coloring and uploading those here.
  • Several twitter feeds. I most miss puntitled. That was fun.
  • My podcast. We went on hiatus because we both have lives. Now it’s been three years and we still talk about restarting it. We paid for a bad-ass new theme song that nobody has ever heard. Sad.
  • This list… it’s a long list.

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