I’m 31! This is 11,111 in binary. Omg, I’m sooooooo old. When I started this blog, I was… um… like, totally, 19 years old and stuff. Wowza. How things havea changed!

My first birthday on this blog was my 20th. I quote it in full here:

I bought my own birthday cake, I watched a 1960s movie with my mom, and I broke into my friend’s house to use his X-Box and play Halo 2… Alone.

Materialistically, I also got a lot of good stuff (notably a shirt, two pairs of pants, swimming trunks, two birthday cards, an e-card, and a flash animation).

So, um, yeah, it was good.

… It doesn’t sound very good. That is sad. I wonder what movie it is we saw. Hm. We haven’t seen many movies together, much less 1960s movies, so I might still be able to remember.

This year, for my birthday, I was in Calgary, giving an academic talk. It went very well. My mom and dad called, a bunch of people texted. Some of the people at the conference came up and said happy birthday. Then I went out for dinner with some philosophers, a biologist (my boss, Ford Doolittle), and a theologian.

It… also wasn’t the best, but it was totally a grown up birthday. It is the first birthday in which I have done work since I was in high school. Sad.

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