Election Dose

I saw John Oliver’s takedown of Donald Trump a few months ago. I thought, “heh, I once designed a game that had a Trump card. I should change it to a ‘Drumpf’ card as an election-year joke.”

Then, a few weeks later, Drumpf accused Hillary Clinton of playing the “Woman Card.” I thought, “heh, my game also had a Woman card. I should modify it as an election-year joke.”

Then I remembered the original reason for my devising a “Race” card. It, too, was an election-year joke.

So then I (with the help of the wonderful Tina Togs) designed an election-year update of our groundbreaking card game, Dose.

Check it out here. The printable version is available for free. We are literally making $0.12 off each of the hard copies of the game, which are available here.


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