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Something I didn’t realize about school starting and summer ending: that my summer is going to end. Which means no more late nights watching movies, no more hanging out with my friends, no more not having responsibilities, no more… wait. I’m going back to college, not the Marines! Wow, what was I thinking? Summer over? Summer’s just begun (which is really confusing, seeing as it’s going to start getting cold in three to five months).

By the way, this e-mail is dedicated to the T-1 crowd at IUP. You guys got community of the year while I was there, let’s see if you can do a repeat without myself or the Mark fellow (speaking of which, I’m sure people would like to hear some of those stories. Anyone willing to share?).

Philosopher’s Stone

Thanks to all of the people that voted and suggested ideas. In the end, it was a tie between Sesame Street and the Men in Black, So I decided to go with the one I already had written. It’s what happens when only one fifth of the population votes, you know?
Hmm… I can’t help but wonder if I should make some sort of connection here.
Oh, yeah: everyone who’s going to school is now Back in school.
Good luck with that.

Back to School

That reminds me of this one time I decided to go to school in Pennsylvania. See, I decided relatively early on that I would rather drive an ungodly amount of time and have my car available throughout the semester than fly there and be left at the whim of public transportation. Of course, I made this decision before I actually drove there.
Ideally, I was supposed to have someone help me drive (I didn’t think this out to well. I suppose they’d take care of the pedals and I’d hold the wheel?), but as January drew near, more and more people chickened out and left me to die (thanks mom and dad!).
But when I realized that nobody would go with me, I decided to make the most of it (no, I didn’t drive naked, but now I wish I’d thought of it. It would have made the drive-thrus that much more interesting).

I made three CDs and copied the lyrics to a bunch of songs and poems that I wanted to memorize. Then, if I had any time, I figured, I’d listen to the radio a bit, make a few phone calls, and perhaps do some introspection. After all, if other people think I’m interesting, surely there is something that would entertain me for several hours? Besides, I could spend the time figuring myself out.

It turned out that I had nothing to say to myself. And 34 hours alone (21 of those were straight driving), is not a good recipe for being happy with oneself. In the end, I started hating myself and going crazy (yeah, the CD/memorizing/listening/calling people ideas went awry after about two states).

I got to the point where I started talking as much as I could just to drown myself out (my logic went out in Missouri… along with my sense of direction, which is why I ended up going through Kentucky for some reason).

At the end of the trip, I had gone to hell and back enough times that I didn’t resemble myself anymore. It’s probably for the best though. I mean, who would really want to resemble someone who would willingly lock himself in a Honda for a day and a half?
Needless to say, except for the impromptu trip to Texas and back (28 hours to, about 36 back), and the hella-long trip home, I never ever did that again. And I don’t plan to, either.
Well, maybe if I have nothing to do in school…

A Small Quiz:

1: Do you think T-1 is going to win community of the year two years in a row?

2: Are you more likely to buy something if a cute youngster is selling it?
What about if a cute member of the opposite sex is selling it?

3: If I went to and fro four times, and each time changed me irreversibly from who I was before, does that mean that I’m back to where I was, or am I some sort of third thing?


  1. Carlos,

    A Small Quiz:

    1: man, you of all people should know how we roll on t-1
    2: no probably
    3: you’re just gay


  2. T-1 hun? very interesting concept but highly unlikely

    Buying something from a youngster ay? I think not. However, if a opposite sex was selling a youngster things would be way different. I have this friend right, Jack (I don’t want to give out his full name) but when Nagel and I were in high school he sure loved kids, so yeah I’d buy him a a little boy. You know, because he likes boys.

    I thought the fro was already put into play??

  3. in response about this jack character. i am going to remain anonymous, but i did go to school with you. i heard that the only reason he wanted you to buy him the kids was so he could raise massive army of highly intelligent fourth graders to take over the world. True story.

  4. it is true an army of highly intelligent fourth graders could take over the world. However, Jack’s usage with these children were different. Scary different, like border line sexual stuff different.

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