Replying to all because I love you so much

Dear Carlos,

It’s nice to meet you. I never knew anyone was actually named such a sexy, sexy name. Wow. You must get all of the fine ladies/hos/bee-hotches.

And I’m sorry that you heard me wrong. I’m not saying that my friends are stupid, just that they’re the kind of guys that would get stabbed in a shoot-out. They once took the Pepsi challenge and chose Jiff. They’re the kind of guys that would drop acid if they could carry the car battery…

And about Daniel being a god with the ladies, I hear he is. Specifically Hermes, the god of speed.

–IeP 29 dude


  1. Dear Carlos,

    I dont ‘get’ all these independant moderator emails i am recieving now
    that i am on your list. please explain.


  2. Funny isn’t it, “they” took this mysterious Pepsi Challenge hun? Something that no one’s ever heard of! Oh and trust me buddy I would’ve heard something about a little thing you call the “Pepsi Challenge.” How can that be? Jack doesn’t even consume any forms of soda, at lest out of his bedroom… Anyways, concerning more specifically this “god of speed Daniel,” that’s just a vast propaganda cover-up. Why I once recall your greatest friend Daniel spending three endless nights with 22 of America’s most beautiful women, and one from Mexico, and well lets’ just say they didn’t bake the whole time. They only spent 2 day and 23 hours baking muffins. So yeah, there you go buddy. and I ask you what happened, just what happened hun?

    long time reader, first time writer

    Frank N. Jagear

  3. Let’s see, as a sort of compilation reply to everyone, here goes:


    You don’t ‘get’ these moderator e-mails, or you don’t get these moderator e-mails? I’m not sure I get you. In any case, one of the good/bad sides of being an official group is that everyone can send e-mails. Which is something that a few people (2) don’t like I guess, because they just unsubscribed. Hm. I suppose if someone complains, though I will withdraw your ability to post. Fair enough? Good.



    A quick comment: 22 women in 60 minutes? I don t know, that seems pretty quick to me.. Unless you meant that they spent 2 days, 23 hours baking muffins and the last hour baking brownies. Which makes sense. I mean, that s bound to be more pleasing than Daniel. Hm.


    I love you too.


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