1 a Day

I’m trying this new only-one-post-a day thing. How’s it working?

Update: This post is really just a McGuffin. But enough about that, on to another thing… Look! A Red Herring!

Updated Update: As per my implied promise in an implied comment: “…and that is why mr pix’s blog is more exciting than ours.”
Also, this: “This is a poor excuse for a post…” as if there were such a thing! Ha!

Update the Third: I’d forgotten about my study of the chillen’s in Washington, hadn’t I? Crud. I’ll get something up here ‘fore lunch.

Updates in Time: I’m on observation number 6 now. Oh, and the class that assigned teams Tuesday? Whence I was the only one without a team? Now I have a four-member team. Lucky me.

Update no. Cinco: We’re debating the USA PATRIOT Act, by the way.

Update 666: In trying to figure out how Erica is having problems with my site, I’m going to take down both the scrolling title and the ‘myshoutbox.’ Let me know if you still have problems. Also, let me know if you want either back in any way.

Update in New York: Yeah, this 1-a-day thing is silly. I’m quitting now. On the bright side, my new Doodleboard is up. How do you like it?

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