Humans are an addictive species. I say this because as I speak, I’m on the internet, again, avoiding my work, again.

My mom was a devoted wife. Then my parents split up, so now my mom is a chaplain at her church (she calls people up and asks if she can pray for them, as best as I can tell).

My friend’s brother used to obsess over girls. Now he obsesses over rollerskating… and girls.

Another friend plays Halo Live every waking hour.

I have another friend that’s knocked up (that had nothing to do with anything, I just thought I’d throw it in).

Time and again, I see people devote their lives to some stupid, trivial pursuit (myself included), and it makes me wonder: is it because of the extra time we have, or were we always this one-dimensional as a species?

Is there any way out of this vicious cycle? What is it in our psyche that drives us to stick on one object? (the Rubik’s Cube comes to mind) Are our lives that exciting? Are they that boring? What??

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