Categorical denial

I need new categories. I feel like I’m using snarkage too much and I can’t even categorize some of my posts. Any help? The current categories are:

  • snarkage
  • crazy-ass anecdote
  • administrative business
  • advocacy
  • thought experiment

I’m thinking of adding categories about my social and psychological thoughts and observations, stuff I just jack from other places, randomness, and hardcore nudity.

Any ideas on cool mini-titles?


  1. You know what I figured out? That if you click on the ‘Become a fan, write a love letter’ link, you go to a page where you Can delete posts.

    Grraa… So my taking out the $CommentDeleteIcon$ link did absolutely nothing.

    w00t. Sucks to me. And I hate the “This post has been removed by the author.

    My campaign against deleting comments has come to an end in bitter defeat.

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