Consumers say FU to SUVs

This makes me happy in the pants:

The fact that this is a question makes me suicidal in the pants:

Whether the September sales shift represents a sea change in consumer habits is still unknown. While Toyota, Honda and Ford are selling every hybrid-electric vehicle they can make, sales of full-size SUVs still dwarf that output.

And this makes me want to cry and kill some kittens (no sick internet referrence intended)… in the pants:

A September survey by AARP found 47% of the members it surveyed cutting back on travel and 39 percent visiting family and friends less often. Thirteen percent of the respondents even said they were offsetting high gasoline prices by eating less, and a like number were cutting back on medical care and prescriptions.


  1. Once again you’ve spoken my mind. Are you like telepathic or something? Or do you have a satelite uplink into my brain? Are you working with the communists? Damn you, damn you all.

  2. My parents were trying to sell their Ford Expedition a month ago and weren’t able to get much. Hopefully people will buy more hybrids. I think the toyota prius is actually pretty nice myself.

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