Goodie Grab Bag VI

This grab bag forced by the hands of Seth and Aeger.

Lame? You want lame? I made a hierarchy of lame! Ironing underwear, living with your parents, chatting online, Klingon conventions, and finally, making a list of the hierarchy of lameness.

2: She died of a broken heart.
1: Heart attack?
2: Yeah.

Don’t sweat it. Cross-examination is tough. Even Jesus couldn’t take it.

2: Say you woke up tomorrow in your mother’s bed, in your mother’s clothes, in your mother’s body. Would you still be you?
1: No, I’d be me in my mom’s body. What does it matter though? What are the odds of that happening?
2: Weirder things have happened. I mean, I’ve woken up in your mother’s bed before. In her clothes, too!
1: Ha. And also ha. But c’mon, seriously, even if that were true, you’ve not woken up in her body.
2: It depends on what you mean by ‘in.’

Why Hate America: the sequel to Why Hate Sweden. Part of the Botswana Fucking Sucks and Nobody Likes Nepal series.

2: I can dance the Tango.
1: I order my partner around.
2: I desist from such activities.
1: I seek them out.
2: I try not to.
1: I only once did.
2: I did do that once too, come to think of it.
1: I think thoughts of rage.
2: I eagerly refuse to ask.
1: I killed your paw.
2: I watched K-Pax.
1: I… you win this round.

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