Here I come home again

To all the people I said I’d e-mail as soon as I got back: I’m working on it. Give me some time. This is easier than individual e-mails.

Don’t worry all, I am safely in New Mexico. The plane didn’t crash and burn. Indeed, the entire way home was anticlimactic. I was never waiting for longer than fifteen minutes for my plane and I was never late enough to walk faster than a slow trudge.

Even in Sydney, when I said goodbye to true friends with fifteen minutes to go before my flight left. Even then I only waited in customs and security for fourteen minutes and fifty seconds. It was perfect.

Too perfect.

I was sort of hoping I’d miss the plane, actually.


Anyway, to make this a happy occasion rather than a bitterly depressing pile of tear-stained tissues disguised as events in life, I’ve decided to make a little list of things that I missed about New Mexico:

  • My mom.
  • My friend(s). Turns out I had more than I thought I did. Who knew?
  • Mexican food.
  • Non-crazy flies.

Obviously I’m not going to try to list the things I miss from Australia. I could beat my NM list with just the amount of people I’ll miss whose names begin with the letter A:

  • Alacaeriel
  • Anson
  • Adriano
  • Angela
  • Zoe

Update: I just realised something.. if I save up just $33 a week, I’ll be able to go back to Sydney in early to mid 2007. That’s like one less utility payment every fortnight! So if I just start saving $50 a week, it might make up for the weeks when I can’t pay up! (*cough*, first, of course, I have to start earning $50 a week. But those are just details.)
I’m so there. I already started up a jar and put in the $500 dollars I had left after the semester. If my interview on Monday goes well, I’ll probably be able to put in the money regularly come January.

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