When I first got here, people said that I would get homesick.

“You’ll start getting homesick at around week 3. In the first few weeks, everything will seem new and awesome and everyone’s going to love you. Then, you’ll start getting work for classes and your friends aren’t going to get you the way your friends back home do. You’ll start missing the food and the faces and you’ll want to talk to your friends back home more and more. You might stop eating, feel depressed, and generally feel like everything is a mistake. This is homesickness. Don’t worry, everyone gets it.”

I didn’t. Hell, I don’t ever want to go back. I wouldn’t, either, but I promised my parents I’d graduate from NMSU and I have to spend my last two semesters there to do that (coincidentally, I have two semesters left).

So what the hell? Did I miss something? Wasn’t I supposed to long for friendly faces or some such bulwark? WTF?? More than anything, I long for a mobile phone. This running into everyone at random times is getting more irritating than you’d think.

So no homesickness.

Also, no jetlag for some reason (yeah, surprised me too, everyone else was tired but me).

And what the hell is culture shock?

Perhaps to feel any of these things you have to have something to go home to, you have to have had a normal sleep cycle at home, and you have to be attached to any one culture.


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  1. I don’t think it’s possible to get homesick in Australia, ’cause it’s several thousand times better than the rest of the world.

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