How much do I get for two wisdom teeth?

I don’t know if I ever really believed in the Tooth Fairy. I know I would get cold hard cash (about $1.12… adjusting for inflation) for every tooth I lost. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t think it was really my parents at first (how would they sneak the money in without waking me up?), but I never believed in fairies either.

So what in the world did I think was going on? Did I think teeth just turned into money after a good night’s sleep? I wish I could go back in time and talk to myself. I’d love to know what silly jumps in reasoning I took to justify the appearance of money under my pillow..

And when I began to realize that the Tooth Fairy could not exist, I still tested it. I remember not telling people when my next tooth fell out, just to test whether it was my parents or not.

I did the same thing with my letters to Santa Claus… 🙁 It’s so hard to accept reality sometimes.

… Lets have a moment of silence for all those children who will discover Santa’s true identity this Christmas…

Thank you.

– Πιξ

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