How Pixel got his Oomph Back

Last Thursday I was listless.
Where my list was, I did not know.

You can probably tell, going over the archive, that I did not feel like doing much. And the stuff I did do, I did not enjoy.

It went on forever and a day (forever is hereby equal to six days).

This Thursday, at Pyros, I realized I had my Oomph back.

This Thursday I had 22 hugs from 12 different people.

Every day before that I’d gotten a grand total of 12 hugs over one forever.

I now believe there is a direct correlation between hugs and Oomph.

If you haven’t hugged someone today, go and do so this minute. You won’t regret it (unless they’re wet).

This public service announcement brought to you by the Pix Capacitor.

The Pix Capacitor: is there anything we won’t stoop to?


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