I have vision, it’s just blurry behind the lens

I added Roommates # 1 and 3’s sites to the permanent link list (at the right) in case you’d like some outside opinions of what a jerk I am (eh… I just give back what people put in. You’ll note that there are just as many people that think I’m the greatest person ever as think the opposite).Oh, and Roommate #1, if you read this site, you’re just bound to hear lots of repetitions. I speak my wisdom to those not lucky enough to be able to read it from several thousand miles away.

So strange… pictures. I like pictures. I even took a semester of photojournalism and learned how to take, develop, and print my own pictures, I just don’t think in pictures anymore. I did back in high school, but I sort of grew away from that. And despite the fact that I carry my camera everywhere now, I just don’t care to take very many photographs.

I blame the subject matter. I mean, I don’t like pictures that are posed for and I hate scenery, so what else is there? That’s right, action shots of people who don’t know they’re being photographed. But if they don’t know (and can’t, else they’ll shy away or do some stupid pose), then how can they set up good pictures for me and you?
They can’t so they don’t.
So really, it’s their fault. Not mine. Pfft! Stupid humans..

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