I suppose I’ll be wise for a year longer…

I went to the dentist today. Twenty minutes of consultation (which included a seven minute video) and I had to pay $70 out of pocket. Then, when I asked them the estimate for getting my wisdom teeth out, they said something to the tune of $1530.

Yes, over one thousand dollars. that my family dental insurance doesn’t cover..

WTF? As if I didn’t have enough to pay for with my exchange coming up…

(current list:
$1500 President’s Associate’s Scholarship.
$1900 Lottery Scholarship.
$1616 Loan
-$10,000 Australian Exchange.

Screw dentists (indeed all doctors). What kind of a country do we live in where necessary medical procedures can only be done to those who can afford them? I’m moving to Canada.

– Πιξ


  1. Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m okay now. I just wish I didn’t live in a country where we spend more on defense than education, health care, the environment, shelters, and all the sciences… combined.

    Besides, I hate the people here.

    Did you know that it costs ten times more per year to house an inmate than to teach a child?

    What sickens me is that people use this as an argument to lower the quality of prisons instead of as an argument to raise the quality of education.

    They do the same thing with healthcare. They argue that it’s so expensive because of insurance and insurance is so expensive because of litigation, so they seek to put a cap on litigation, rather than stop the whole process and nationalize healthcare.

    We’re a strange nation…

  2. Erica,
    You know, I’ve given this a lot of thought (sadly, seriously, but sadly). And I promise thus: if I ever manage to successfully clone myself a minimum of twice, “I” shall go live over yonder and help stupids there.

    Fair enough? 🙂

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