Idle Tuesday

Today is a Lazy Blog Day…

And I think I’m getting paranoid about the Parking Nazi. The OCD seems to be coming back. I’m so stressed out right now..

I need a flippin’ girlfriend. Any applicants?

Update (10:35): This is now a competition. You may nominate whomever you so desire. Go crazy! They don’t even have to be human! And nominating multiple people is okay too! Ha ha!


  1. Drew, I’m afraid I don’t know who you’re talking about. I’m “Banana” now. 🙂

    And go crazy. I think I’ll start up a competition or something. Nominating other people and nominating multiple people is okay! Ha ha!

  2. I nominate myself, or my pet penguin whose name is Tittie, mainly because he is round and squishy and has some form of blue/silver substance in him, which is remarkabley boob-like. He’s boob-tacular, (or -allow me to reiterate- myself… because Im boob-tacular too.)

  3. OCD= obsessice compulsive disorder.. i learned that acronym (well. not technically an acronym- it doesnt spell a word) today, because holly has it.. shes so cool. lol.

  4. OCD? ooo when you walk, like down the street, or on top of unsuspecting turtles or whatnot, is there a constant beat of sorts in your head, to which your footsteps follow along as if to mimic the beat? AND if you stop at a certain point where you need to stop, and the beat hasn’t finished playing out in your head (or feet), do you need to keep walking until it is resolved?

    If so, I will also nominate myself. Or myself. Or the gerbils that run my brain.

  5. Ok. So yeah. I nominate…myself? Yes, I nominate myself. So far this is just a statement that I’m in, right? Cos that’s what I’m doin’ yo.

  6. Tai: hi.

    Haley: Nah, Anonymous is my friend Cassie. Although, who knows, Amelia may have a pet penguin named Tittie too.

    And moofruot: no, I didn’t have to do that until you mentioned it. Grr…

    🙂 just kidding. I’m more of a perfectionist, all must be in its place, kind of OCD person…

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