In MY Name? In MY NAME????

Some jerk submitted a response to my letter in the Round Up. Okay, that doesn’t make them a jerk. Using my name, however, does. I’m so p.o.ed I could repost their letter here and bold all the mispelled words, grammar mistakes, and just plain lies.

Your letter in the round up about Parking has to much POWER. This is all wrong. If you are going to write something you better make sure you have your facts stright first. First of all the parking office gives 30 days to pay off your first ticket and then when you get a second ticket you have five days to pay it off. Then after that then you will become booted. The parking office is not responisble for notifying anyone that they are on a boot list. If you read the Parking and Traffic regualtions and rules it states that we do not have to inform you. The parking department did not make these rules up The Board of Regents who you elected did. People need to stop planning the parking office for there mistakes. No one forces you to park illegaly, you do it on your own. And to the person who changed there tire that had a boot on it. That is a Felony you could have done some time for that, so be happy that you did. Every time you get a ticket or first start off at this school or a!re booted the parking office gives you another copy of the parking rules.
You people need to grow up and take responsibility for your own action. Don’t take your anger out on us just because parking Aides are doing there job.

Red= grammar, capitalization, or punctuation mistake (i.e. “First of all, the…”
Green= Spelling mistake.
Purple= Stupidity or Blatant Falsehoods.


  1. I feel you pain in the boot matter. Being Adelay, I have felt incrimination for crimes that DO NOT HURT OTHERS. This guy is saying, “Don’t blame us, blame society” and you are saying “As a cog in a flawed societal system, you are unjustly (assuming ethical realism), if unknowingly, causing me excess stress, monetary loss, and anxiety to redirect my rightfully earned funds into a justifying-the-means war because Georgie has a spending problem, but we can’t really blame him because he’s just one goddamn American being a little more goddamned American. WE ARE ASSHOLES” I feel your pain. I do. May the tire burn around my neck (sic modified, Dan Rather).

  2. Oh, Adelay, I didn’t think any IUPeople actually read my blog. It makes me feel special.

    So how’s your Spring Break? And life? And everything else? Aye.

    And yeah, this guy is saying “blame the system, blame society, not me,” but we Are society. If people simply Refused to take morally reprehensible jobs, everyone’s life would be better (i.e. no corruptness, no hitmen, no soldiers, and few cops).
    People that are apathetic are pathetic. They keep the flaws in the system and make it all-the-more harder for motivated people to change the world.

    “Be ashamed to die until
    you have won some victory for humanity.” –Horace Mann

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