Interested in working @ Pix Capacitor?

Apparently there is some interest out in the world wide web for the positions that I now or will later have open.

Okay, to wit, the positions are as follows:

Web designer: Design a fantastic website in which each page would look sort of like a page of a viewspaper. I tried doing it myself, but couldn’t manage to get the text into the nice three column grid that I’ve grown to know and love. Ideally the web designer would design about five different types of pages and give me instructions on how to edit the text and add pictures.
Pay: between $50 and $200 smackaroos at the moment (plus a subscription to the Pix Capacitor and my sincere thanks). This would (hopefully) be a one time thing, but I also have somewhat set ideas on what I want.

Serious Writer: Must write 250, 500, or 800 word articles on serious topics. The topics can either be philosophical, political, or anything else people should probably know about. If research is required, the serious writer must have serious sources and make them available to me. Plagiarism not tolerated, of course, and swearing is discouraged though not outright forbidden. The serious writer may take any position he wishes whether it be popular or not or on par with the rest of the paper or not, so long as it is intellegently written, nobody shall have any problems.. Qualification for the serious writer’s article to get printed: it won’t get me sued and follows the rules.

Silly Writer: Note, there is no demand that the two writers be different people or even that any one article be one or the other. The crucial determination will be entertainment and whether or not there is confusion. Again, either 250, 500, or 800 word articles on various topics. The silly writer needs no sources unless there is direct reference. Plagiarism is not tolerated, of course, and swearing is, again, discouraged though not explicitely forbidden. The qualification for a silly writer’s article to get printed: it makes me laugh once (and won’t get me sued).

Artist: I have a fantastic artist at the moment. I don’t know if she would choose to stay with me, so I’m disinclined to accept new applicants, but the more information the better, right? The artist draws in black and white and draws comics or comical illustrations of the various articles. Since this will go on, the pay will change when I start earning a profit. To be negotiated.

Choosing: in order to hire a writer, he or she must submit and have no less than three articles published by me. He or she must also prove his or her reliability. Pay will be determined then (and when profit begins to occur).
Anybody interested in designing my web page (Drew, Tai, anyone else), please contact me. We’ll work something out.
The position of artist is more volatile, but still, if anybody wants to contact me, they are more than welcome to do so. Negotiation will occur.

How fantastic it would be to work with people I know and tolerate!

Oh frabjous day! Callooh Callay!

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