Is there a crisis?

No, no there is not.


  1. …And this is why I wonder if having a legitimate job is an option. Who wants to work for forty years, paying for social security the whole time…and then find out that they aren’t getting diddly squat or that they’ll probably die before getting any help? No one! That’s who! Argh. My dad had to fight for social security benefits when he was really sick, and when he finally got help most of the money was spent on very expensive medicine! We all know it’s illegal now to buy cheaper medication from Canada…America the beautiful, eh?

  2. Amen. Illegitimate work is the way to go. It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to pay taxes. If I could choose where my money went, then yeah… because having it go to a war we never needed to rebuild a country we destroyed seems a bit excessive.
    And now they’re eliminating a decent system for one that will only help those that don’t need it. What do you or I know about the stock market or private accounts? Zilch. Our government is leaving us behind. I say we change it. How ’bout you?

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