It’s FINAL (‘s week)

Worst things that can happen to you during finals:

  1. You show up to your Final Exams only to realize that there was a class you never showed up for throughout the semester and you have to make up for it by doing phenomenal on this exam (I dream this every single semester. It’s nervewracking).
  2. You show up to the wrong class, or you show up to the right class, but just as everyone is finishing their exam (alt. you show up as the professor leaves, thus having no one vouch for you).
  3. You show up for what you think is the review session, only to be subjected to the actual final instead (this actually just happened to me. It’s as scary as poot, let me tell you).
  4. You show up to your final presentation in your underwear.
  5. A death in the immediate family, but your professor isn’t sympathetic.
  6. Your computer eats your final paper.

Please feel free to post any Final’s time anecdotes or horror stories.


  1. It’d be hard to suck anus, but that’s not my point. What about that exam where you’re sick and you blow snot all over your paper, and you’re afraid the teacher my take away a few liberty points para to get back at you. Or that exam that you ate garlic before, so your breath was so bad that when you try to lean over to cheat, people would lean away.

  2. Psychodude,
    Ha ha. Don’t worry about it. I enjoy humor in any form. Besides, I was pretty sure it wasn’t legit when I joined. It’s the reason I ne’er commented on the message board.

    In any case. Good blog.

    Insignificant O,
    Ha ha! Or what about when both happen at the same time and you keep trying to get your paper from the teacher and she keeps backing away from your breath? Or what about when you do awesome on a Final only to find out it was optional? Or what about when you’re sitting down, you finish your test, you leave, and you hear a gunshot from your classroom- so you just know you missed something awesome?


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