March of DEATH

Boy, is my face red.
Yours would be too if you’d just finished a weekend filled with fires, weeds, dirty water, yo mamma jokes, little or no Halo, swimming, a ten mile hike of death, a surprisingly awesome party with people I’d never seen before, a friend hitting on another friend who you sorta wanted to hit on before but decided to stay away from on the count that it would be funnier to watch your first friend strike out on the second friend who couldn’t be less interested, a cold pool, awesome (and terrible) music, an asshole trying to be nice, a nice guy trying to be an asshole, an angry mother, another angry mother, a crazy-ass– if unappreciated– prank, other people drinking, a broken pipe, a water-less toilet, several disappearing ghost kids, illegality, the stone age, hard work, a freeloading friend, a friend who graduated high school cell phones AND his car on the count of the second angry mother, dead lizards and birds, a girl that’s ridiculously good at Halo, Frank’s girlfriend in a bikini, Mother’s Day, a malfunctioning car, and the sun turning my face red.
Boy, is my face red.
Yours would be too if…

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