Maturity Creeps

I remember when I turned 14… I was a sophomore in high school, I had just finished starring in my Drama club play. I was about to write my first viewspaper and have my first girlfriend (had I known how that would have turned out, I would have waited another 14 years. *ugh*).Before that, I remember when I was 10.

Age just happens. You hear that a lot, but it never quite makes sense until it happens to you. I remember as a child I thought that college students were so much more mature and ready to take on more work.

And yeah, we kind of are, but not really. I don’t feel like I’ve matured so much as adapted. I don’t feel much smarter than when I was 14 (in fact, I remember at 14 feeling much smarter than I feel now). I can probably do more work quicker, bear more responsibility, and be trusted a hell of a lot more, but so would any veteran of teenage warfare.

There’s no transition period, no realization. One day you just wake up and realize that not only are you as old as an adult and not only do you have to do as much as an adult, but you are also sort of ready for it.

Responsibility creeps.

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