Muggles are bum codgers

I truly believe I may have underestimated myself again. See, I started rereading all of the Harry Potter books last week, hoping that I would be able to finish them before the release of the sixth book, but now that I’ve finished the fourth one, I’m afraid I may not last until the 16th.

See, the thing about Harry Potter books is that the.y’re so quick and fun to read that you hardly want to put them down. That is the reason they’re popular

I remember when I was a Nay-sayer and I thought people only claimed to like them because they’re popular. How silly I was. People are gullible, but not gullible enough to preorder 750,000 books for a fad.

Oh, and also, I solved this cube the day I got it. Just thought I’d let you know. And now, back to Harry Potter.

Gosh, if I weren’t so awesome, I’d bore myself to death.

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