New Goal

2006: Graduate, move out, get job, save money, get Pix Capacitor up and running once a month, legalize in July, advertise in September, hire artist, get some help with web designing.
2007: Take in advertising, get self-sustainability by July, perhaps hire ad rep or writer.

2008: Hire business manager, hire editor, hire writer. Come to Australia for a month or two to visit, take information about immigration/graduate study. If possible, come back in spring to begin Uni.

Under my previous plan it was either complete success or total failure by 2010 including an abduction in 2009 and a lottery win in December 2005, but I figure that two years will tell me as much as four would… and abductions are more frequent in even numbered years..
Besides, luck comes to those who work for it.

Say anybody have any rad web designing skills?


  1. I’ve got decent web design skills, though the HTML class didn’t fit into my schedule next semester…grr. But! I do graphics none the less…Dreamweaver can be figured out.

  2. Pix, although it may not seem it, seeming so because theres no need for it. I’m an expert HTML-ist, and you’ve seen my art, which should have gotten better seeming as how I’m taking art classes.

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