Nominations Open

Welcome to the fourth annual edition of “the Eli’s.” For those of you newbies, “the Eli’s” is an award show that was made up to make me feel better about not getting any other awards.
The rules are simple: I win at least once.
This entire month, people can comb through the back issues (all the way to November 2004, we’ve got to keep alive this fake pretense that I’ve been writing longer than that). If you find a particular post or comment that you feel deserves a nomination, simply write to me or post a comment giving the link (or a vague description, whatever). At the end of the month, we’ll announce the nominees, then in November, we’ll announce the winners.
You can nominate multiple times and nominate your own comments.

The categories are:

Best Overall Post
Funniest Post
Oddest Post
Most Insightful Post
Most Memorable Post
Most Original Post
Worst Overall Post
Best Meme
Best Post Title
Worst Post Title
Best Overall Comment
Worst Overall Comment

There are at least four nominees for various categories already, and the rest are slowly trickling in. Don’t let your favorite post or comment be left behind. Nominate Now!

One comment

  1. I nominate the “You might recognize my fans from…” category as Most Insightful Post, cause
    A) It leads to sights that are far more insightful than yours BURN
    B) It has sites in it, thus making it in-siteful
    C) I slept with your mother last night.

    Well, I would have, but she mumbled something about intelligent design, and that was too much of a turn-off.

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