Nostalgia for Posts Past

Am I the only one that gets radical enjoyment out of going through my archives? I mean, I’ve written some pretty radical stuff. Never mind that the things I seem to prefer are always the things that get 0 to 1 comments. It’s all y’all’s fault not mine. I’m objectively funny.Okay, so it turns out that I still owe somebody a forbidden prize of mystery. I’m thinking Eggo for going all out. Anybody object?

And new contest: I need somebody who’s into it or whatever to go through all my archives and find all of the things that I said I was going to say, write, or do that I did not and tell me what they are. Personally, I remember owing at least two people one shiny dollar (Aussie currency okay?).

Ooh, and who here remembers when I was fascinated over what I’d do if zombies arrived (here? die, most likely)? Or my various transcripts (I usually hate posting these, but every once in a while I have a funny snippet that needs an audience). Or the goodie grab bags from when I couldn’t access the internet and I just kept writing down all my post ideas?

Or my sociology of the neighbor and myopia? And what about the random, hurtful e-mails? Or when I cared about scene points? Or my constant whistling and clapping (you watch, some day it’s going to come in handy) or when I realized my own genius?

Or that I’m now a level 7 philosopher?

Don’t listen to me, I’m an old kook in love with his own silhouette..

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