Oh, Kayley, My Kayley

A voice said,

“Hi, ointment! lol that’s one thing I thought I’d never end up typing…
So, hmmm. I’m not sure who u r, so introduce yourself, friend! (wow ok I’ll just be leaving now) :)”

Hm. Who m I, u ask? Well, the Sparknotes version is thus: “a boy of various sizes, ages, and amusement levels.”

The less abridged version is one that warrants a poem to myself. An Ode to Pixel, you might say:

“I shall be called Pixel,”
he said, one day in Middle
“Pixel Sticks,” they jived
In referrence to the five,
six, nursery rhyme.
“That’s cool,”
he thought, not
letting them know that he
secretly liked it.

“I have nothing to say,”
it truly happened one day,
so, not to be outsmarted,
a viewspaper he started,
and almost overnight,
he had nothing more to write.

“I shall live my life at peace,”
ignoring the brewing rage
of a teen not quite at ease
with his time and age.

“I shall ne’er eat meat,”
he decided, one Easter Sunday.
Though he thought he might return someday.
And yet, what seemed an astonishing feat,
substituting hamburgers for wheat,
he realized, he could ne’er go back.

“I have a plan of attack.”
While the fools of the world seek to play,
not worrying about who they harm with their lack
of caring who they meet
or what they eat
or of anyone they know not.
They rule the world with ignorance and greed,
as if this is what philosophers long sought,
wanting all that they don’t need.

“I will make this world a place to live,
a place to thrive, and a place to give.
People will laugh, and play, and sing,
and no wars will anyone again bring,
for people will realize one thing from what I write,
the only way to live is to work by day,
and laugh and make the world better by night.”

Yeah, I rule. Basically, I am what you make of me. Some people find me funny, some find me rude, some find me witty and intellectual, some think I’m a figment of my own imagination. In the end, I truly just am a boy trying to make the world what it could be and not what it is. And in the end, is that really so bad?

Pixel Q.

p.s. the Banana/Ointment names just have to do with my finding words that sound funny or naughty, but really aren’t. I also like “Edited it dead.”


Very interesting! lol ur a good writer!

well… so are you kayley:) ps.. im back from AZ!! i really liked it.. im now considering asu 🙂

wow that’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to arizona… but it sounds too desert-y, u know? I like rain! 😉

i hate the rain.. i wanna get out of WA… i hate the rat race with a passion. phoenix is a city, but it doesnt have that. its weird. and i like the heat… usually. scottsdales lke bellvue though, i’d stay away from there. i would go shopping there though! 🙂 lots of good stores, etc.. in scottsdale.

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