‘OMG.. wow. you’re so dumb.’

Apparently, someone has a problem with one of my positions. Now, while I fully believe that I am correct, I accept that I was just picking a fight to see who’d comment.It’s a terrible method of seeing if I’m being read, I know, but I didn’t do it consciously. In any case, I’m sorry to any Super Christians I may have offended (you never hear about Super Jews. I wonder where they’re all hiding..).

Anyway, back to the argument:

I contend that no book (or series of books) deserves a radio station dedicated to interpreting it. My argument was a reductio ad absurdum attack on Christian radio. The only reason I ended up embracing the conclusion was because I love absurdity. I would love nothing more than to tune into 90.3 FM and hear them discussing how Senate Bill 64 affects Harry Potterians and how everyone should show up and protest. I would love to hear them discuss what Rowling intended by a certain passage.
The idea amuses me.

Sorry if it doesn’t amuse you.


  1. Heh… if the person who made that insightful response to you would explain his/her position, maybe it would have evoked at least some intelligible discussion on your (and many other’s) point of view… but yea… I guess people like to have an opinion without really bothering to think about why they choose to believe a certain way.

    As for the Bible… have you ever read it? Just a question from a bit of a devil’s advocate. There’s lots of interesting myths and stories in there that are certainly still useful and relevant to contemporary life – from which you can still squeeze loads of meanings and interpretations – which is why it has endured so many centuries.

    I agree with you, though, that there should be radio stations dedicated to the likes of Tolkien and other great authors’ works! There should always be discussion of the written word, ‘cos I believe it’s pernicious when not discussed and delineated by its readers. Written word has the unique power to move people and nations into action, unlike any other form of communication, and should be critiqued and analysed always.

  2. 1st of all, you commented on your own post.

    2st of all, Super Jews are generally considered Jewish stereo types, and their beliefs restrain them from nagging everyone else to follow their views. Christianity is one of the most actively recruiting, and thus, one of the most obnoxious (did I spell that right?) religions.

    3st of all, and this is somewhat beside the point. You’re giving Tolkien & Rowling WAY more credit than they are due, seeing as how they ARE being discussed because of the movies that are being made.

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