Has anyone ever heard of Portales, New Mexico? Unless you’re Alethea or you severely enjoy reading maps (and lets face it– who doesn’t?), you probably haven’t.

Portales is six hours away. Portales is betwixt Clovis and Roswell. Surely you’ve heard of Roswell? Hit book and television show? Started worldwide UFO and gov’t conspiracy paranoia 58 years ago? No? Well, it’s in Fumblebuck, New Mexico. The armpit of the universe.

I once went there for Boy’s State, a pseudo-Nazi death camp aimed at turning nice young men into back-stabbing politicos. I twice went to a Drama festival that’s held there every year. I suppose this time will make it thrice (interesting story about that word: thrice).

So I’m going on another whirlwind adventure across the state in a small automobile with a maximum of two people I can stand. Yeah. I likely won’t post more on the topic, but I just thought it’d be nice to let you all know. Show you how I care.

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