Dear world,
I’m back. Good for me.

Oh, and what the bleep does “What the BLEEP Do We Know” know? I thought to myself at least fifty times that I would sit next to a beautiful woman on the forty-seven hour ride home, but instead I sat next to a series of increasingly obese people with problems staying still and smelling human.

For instance, the first guy, Chris, had the words HATE and DEAD tattooed on his fingers, facial hair, and a guitar. .. and he was the best one of the bunch!

Oy vey. I hate bus people. Stupid economy and stupid airport security that makes this segment of society whallop so badly…

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  1. Hola, sorry for getting angry whenever that happened. Anyways, I wanted to share a funny story about my friend Nick when he was riding the bus to go swimming at the lake with us. He had his snorkeling stuff in this bag and this old guy sitting across from him was being creepy and kept asking him if he was going golfing. I thought it was funny. So yah, sorry again. Hopefully you will accept this apology, unlike other people I know. It’s better to be my friend than my enemy I suppose :). (ps, I hate buying college books)

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