The 6900

I just lost 600 words. This is what I get for being productive.

Actually, if you want to be technical about it, this is what I get for inserting a graphic of a frog, naming it Tom, then calling it my mascot: Tom the Time-Traveling Toad.

That wasn’t the problem, really, the problem was my realising that Tom was composed of several dozen smaller pieces that could each be taken away and then taking them all away one by one until I could no longer recognise Tom, then, after that was finished, hitting Control + Zed a buncha buncha times until I could get the original Tom back and then delete him with a simple delete command.

Did I tell you I’m going crazy? : )

Update: I’m now up to 2,000. If you add that to the 4,500 I had to do earlier in the week and the 2,000 that I wrote last week, and the 7,300 that I’ve been writing in my posts complaining about how I spend all my time writing… that’s a bejeezus-load of words! And I’m only 1k away from finishing.
To tell you the truth, I sort of don’t want to finish. It’ll be like hammering a nail in the coffin of my Australian odyssey.

(a bejeezus is now equal to two butt-loads and a bushel or about 17,000 words. None of which are interesting.)

(17,000? The NaNoWriMo is a total of 50,000 in 30 days! I did 17,000 non-contiguous words in 12! If I kept that up, I might be able to finish in 36 days! That means… absolutely nothing…)


  1. A little of both, really.

    I am in school. I love writing. But not simultaneously.

    (15 words… 17, no 18, no 20, no wait, 22… 25? 27? Aye. 27 it is… No, wait, 34)

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