The Nominees…

  • Cassie (is boob-tacular)
  • Pet Penguin Tittie (round and squishy and has some form of blue/silver substance in him, which is remarkabley boob-like. He’s boob-tacular too)
  • Moofruot (Canadian, that’s always a plus… or maybe English. Either or. Plus, she reads my blog, and nothing shows more character and sexiness than reading what I write)
  • The gerbils that run in Moofruot’s brain (I understood the intention behind the post, but I just thought this’d be an excellent candidate ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Tai (Who’s one of my distributors. Danke, m’love)

Nominations are still being accepted.

p.s. to the person that signed me up to receive daily updates of my own blog. Ha ha, that was good. Don’t do it again. >:( I was going to give you all one of my passwords to help with one of my pranks, but no more! ๐Ÿ™
p.p.s. my e-pen pal says this is a bad idea and I should just wait for it to happen… Who agrees?

One comment

  1. lol
    No, the gerbils really run my brain. They taught me how to do this:


    ^ Look at it! It’s a crazy little “s”!! LOOK!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Wow that little “s” never doesn’t amuse me.

    Seriously, are you in college/university/school of sorts, banana dude? And do you live away from home, on some residence? If so, from my experience, people aren’t looking for boyfriends/girlfriends; they’re looking for random hookups. I’m convinced that I’m gonna have to start stalking older men who are out of university in order to find a boyfriend.

    Or get one of those male-order Russian spouses. Yesh.

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