The Tally is In

My life as a teenager:
84.5 viewspapers
56 e-viewspapers
a full-length play
a one-act play
a semi-started sitcom, book, and screenplay
dozens of short stories
a nice collection of quotes and witticisms
a trinity of crazy-ass ex-girlfriends
over a hundred friends and friendly acquaintances in eight states and four countries
one arrest
three traffic citations (one successfully contested)
over $200 in parking citations
illegality and adventure
pranks and misdemeanors
a 4.0 high school GPA and a 3.8 college GPA
a 33 ACT (after five previous tries 🙂
two leading roles
several awards nobody ever cares about
five jobs
entering and graduating high school
entering college
going on exchange
going vegetarian
becoming political
formulating a coherent ethical theory and practicing ethical consumerism
a parent’s divorce
a brother’s joining the army and going to war
contemplating various careers before focusing on none-at-all
being loved
and maybe even a few fans.

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